Relative Home

What is Relative Home Assessment Services ?

Whenever a child is taken out of parental custody by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for their safety, the first choice for placement is with a relative or non-related extended family member. This helps to give our kids the best chance to move into a situation where they are more comfortable despite the disruption in their lives. Victor Support Services works with the County to ensure that each relative or extended family member has the opportunity to become the primary caregiver.

At Victor, we understand that relative caregivers have the opportunity to become vital partners in a child’s future and our goal is to give you the support you need to be successful.

As an agency, Victor has a unified, family friendly, and child-centered Resource Family Approval process in place for licensing and approving relatives and non-relative extended family members as foster care providers or guardians, as well as for approving adoptive families.

An example of services include:

  • Resource Family Approval Training, to help you become approved as a Resource Family.
  • Resource Family Approval Post-Approval Training – Once you are approved, you receive additional training as a caregiver to transition or continue to be a Resource Family.
  • Home Environment Assessment – Part of the application process requires that your home meets standards that include, but are not limited to, home and grounds, outdoor activity space, storage requirements, fire clearance, and enough space for all family members.
  • Resource Family Approval Applicant Home Environment Corrective Action Plan –in the event that there are areas identified in the home assessment that require attention, we will create a clear action plan for you to remedy those concerns.
  • Relative Caregiver Emergency Fund - As an authorized provider of the Relative Home Assessment Services program, we are allocated a portion for purchase of items and services to help you to become compliant or help you continue to provide care.

Our goal, together with the DCFS is to do our best to minimize disruption to each child's social network and education during the season they are unable to live with their parents. The ultimate goal is to ensure that they have their day-to-day physical, mental, and emotional needs met; that they have the greatest chance to grow up in permanent and supportive homes; and that they have the opportunity to grow into self sufficient, successful adults.




Preparing your extended family for this amazing journey.