About Victor

Why Choose Victor? Here's a Little Bit About Us

Taking the step of opening your home to a child is a significant decision for your family.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Foster Care or Adoption Agency to work with. Here are just a few of the reasons we believe you will find that Victor is the partner you want to have in this new adventure.

  1. You get a team with a long, proven history
    Victor Treatment Centers continues as one of the oldest West Coast charities that helps boys and girls of all ages who have suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment. Formerly operating as Rosemary Childrens Services (1925-June 2018) we have been helping nearly 400 children annually throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. We are now offering Foster Care Services in Orange County also. With more than 95 years of service to youth and families across California, our original goal, “to provide nurturing care through a holistic approach toward a successful reunification to the community and with their families,” remains the same today. Our agency mission is to be a catalyst of sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch.
  2. You get incredible support through the initial approval process
    The process of getting approved to become a foster family is in depth and takes time. When you choose to work with Victor you will be assigned a dedicated person who will walk with you through every step of the process. They will educate you on what is needed, the best way to gather the information, and what to expect as you open your lives up to the process.
  3. You get a team of support
    We recognize that the needs of the children and teens we serve are complex so we work with a team of people to meet those needs. Victor works adjunct or in tandem with community resources such as school counselors, community mental health clinics, local physicians, regional centers and numerous other community resources in order to teach the children and teens the necessary life skills in order to foster self-sufficiency.
  4. Once a child is placed in your home
    Initially there will be weekly visits with your family and the youth you are fostering and we will provide referrals to individual or group counseling if necessary, arrange tutoring, ensure that all medical needs are met. We will also provide referrals to any needed outside agencies, or services needed. We know each child has unique needs. Within 30 days after placement and then quarterly thereafter we create a Needs and Services Plan to work towards accomplishing the goals that are set.
  5. You get ongoing education
    We have monthly support meetings for families where we address different topics that matter to foster families. We provide child care during those times if needed to make it easy to attend. We will also be providing ideas, articles and links to helpful resources outside our agency. Our goal is to ensure that as part of our community of resource families, you have everything you need not only for getting started, but for moving forward every day.
  6. You get support for relatives
    We know you have extended family and your decision to foster affects them too. If it is needed and the county officer recommends it, we have a program designed to work with  your relatives as they make this journey with you, through resources, training and overall support.

You have a lot to offer to a child in need. That is why you are here.

We know you will need support, resources and encouragement along the way.

That is why we are here.